This week I learned (or remembered) one of my biggest lessons as I was in a deep state of judgement towards the people around me. As some of you know, I live in Mexico now and lately I’ve been feeling really frustrated with the people I come into contact with. As I was going through my day, trying to get things done, everyone was making me feel impatient. I kept thinking, why do people not have their shit together any better than this. I was angry and impatient, feeling that it was really difficult to try to achieve anything in this messy and disorganized environment like this. If everyone would just show up BETTER, life would be so much easier…

Just to be clear, all this nonsense was coming from my crappy thinking which was causing a shitty perspective!

I headed to the bank machine to take out money and ONCE AGAIN, it was broken. I drove through traffic to get to another one, only to find that it too WAS BROKEN. One time out of three, when I go to take out money, the tellers are BROKEN. Then it hit me. The system in Mexico is BROKEN and every single human being here is doing their absolute best, with the social and political structure that is surrounding them.

All of a sudden I was looking up to the people surrounding me. I saw how relaxed and resilient they were considering their circumstances and what gets in their way every single day. What gets in the way of getting simple things done. There is not much time left in their day to think about achieving greater things, when all their energy goes into managing their life in the messy structure they are living in. I was moving around in this culture frustrated and judgemental towards them, when actually I should have been learning from them. It’s not easy trying to survive, more so succeed in a messy and broken structure. It’s really hard to move forward, yet they are moving forward with grace and resilience every single day.

This was so eye opening to me. On a bigger picture level, it reminded me of something even more important. We are ALL doing our best in every moment considering our awareness and circumstances. Life is not easy. Circumstances are not always ideal. All we can do is to just keep putting one foot in front of the other, without judgement towards ourselves and others.  Because the person in front of you, no matter how ridiculous what they are doing looks like, is doing his/her best with the awareness, knowledge and resources he/she has.

Let’s be easy on ourselves and others.