Life’s journey is like a constant pendulum moving from right to left. Swinging to one side, is us humans having our shit together and swinging to the other is us humans trying to find ourselves. We spend so much time and energy trying to break this natural flow that life has by trying to always stay on the side of having our shit together.


We work so hard at not making mistakes, at trying to be successful and trying to make all the right decisions. The truth is, is that letting ourselves swing to the other side, where things feel messy and a little less orderly is the most natural and positive thing we can do for ourselves. It’s called letting go.


Imagine being on a swing and trying to hold yourself in the air when you swing up? Unless you have some sort of super powers, it aint gonna happen, and trying to do so or thinking it’s possible is going to become very exhausting and discouraging. It is NOT POSSIBLE to always have your shit together and that is totally fine.


It’s in the darkness that we see the light. It’s when everything is falling apart that we truly discover what we want. It’s when life gets quiet that we get insights and clarity on our next steps.


I speak for myself (and most of us probably) when I say that I initially resist swinging to the side, where life is not so clear and things are messy but I see it and I stop myself (most of the time).  So imagine you’re on that swing and just relax and INJOY the ride a little. Isn’t the letting go part the funnest and the most freeing anyways? We need to let ourselves INJOY not being in control more often. If we are always trying to keep our shit together, there is no space for the universe to lend a hand in the craft of your life and what can come next. And trust me, the universe is capable of so much more than what our little minds have planned.


I’ve learned this over and over again in my business. Every quarter or so, momentum starts to slow down. I’m tying up some big mandates and everything around me is getting really quiet. Every time I think that there is something I need TO DO to make sure everything doesn’t come crashing down on me. I think that I actually have to work hard in those quiet moments to make sure I don’t loose momentum. But just like on a swing, when you’ve given yourself a few good pushes, you can let yourself go and follow the flow a little while and enjoy…There is always this fabulous moment when you’re still moving on the swing but just a little, just enough to know that you’re still moving, but it’s a quiet and peaceful rocking. It’s a moment to INJOY! You’ll know when it’s time to give a few more pushes to start moving again.


It’s the same in life. We don’t enjoy enough those quiet, still moments when life is giving us the opportunity to rest, while it takes over for a while. Trust what you can’t see because even when you are not doing anything, lots is actually happening for you. That is when transformation happens. When you move into the next chapter of your life, when you reach new levels of success.


In order to keep finding yourself, you need to loose yourself. In order to gain clarity, you need to let life get messy. In order to succeed, you need to take wrong turns. In order to keep transforming and moving forward towards your potential, you need to let the pendulum rock naturally left to right, without trying to control it.


Whenever I felt scared, I was actually transforming. When I was anxious, I was building a stronger foundation. When I felt completely lost, I was finding my way. When I was in pain, I was actually healing. When I was ready to give up, I was just letting go to rest. In each of those moments I thought I was falling apart, but I was just expanding into the next chapter of my life!


I hope this article helps you embrace and trust the natural flow of your life. Everything is perfect as it is and all you have to do is INJOY the ride!


With gratitude