Every occasion I take time off work to just enjoy life, I always end up getting these huge insights from simply being more present. Each experience of clarity like this can become a mini lesson of its own that can help us take that next step forward. Today, it happened while I was out on the water stand up paddle boarding, stuck in the current and felt like I was going nowhere. I hope this insight helps you see all the progress you’ve made so far in your life.

For some reason today when I went out I had so much energy. I paddled intensely out into the wide open space. It was quiet on the water, with very little boats but it was very windy with lots of waves. Because I felt so alone on the water I went far out in the big open space. It felt amazing. I was on cloud 9 with no schedule as to when I would go back in. When I finally decided to make my way back slowly I felt the current really strong so I bent my knees and got really steady as I paddled hard to come back to shore to enjoy a little quiet time on my board. I wasn’t stressed, but I knew the last stretch would require a good workout. As I was paddling with all my might keeping my gaze right at the front of my board, I started to sense that I was going nowhere, literally. So I paddled harder and was really just focused on taking action to move forward. Once in awhile, I would peek up at my destination to see where I was at but I could barely see the difference no matter how hard I tried to get back in. I started to feel a little uneasy and thought I hope I make it back! I finally got to a point where I needed a little break, which I was hesitant to take because I was scared I would be pulled back further after all the effort.

To my surprise, when I just took a moment to stop, breathe and look around me, I was way closer to my destination than I thought. The rigid perspective I had of keeping my eye only on the end of the paddleboard or on my destination made me believe that I hadn’t progressed very much. I looked back at the trail behind me and at the landscape to my left and right and saw that I had actually move forward quite a lot. All of a sudden I relaxed I knew that I would be just fine and with a little more paddling I’d get to my destination.

We do this all the time in life. We’re so focused on our goals and working so hard taking action after action that everything feels like a struggle with very little results coming back to us in return. We ‘think’ that we haven’t progressed very much but if we just stopped once every so often to look back on our journey, we’d see the immense evolution we’ve made and all the little successes that came along the way. As I taught for so long in Yogatherapy, it’s all about balancing the acts of Intention, Action & Letting go and knowing when it’s time to practice each one.

If you’re at all like me, not taking action might feel completely counter intuitive and useless. I’m a full on action girl, but when I do take those moments to just stop and be present, I get to see things that I wouldn’t have if I were in action and I benefit from deep insights on life like I did today. Those precious pauses are when you can truly tap into wisdom and then your next actions will be that much more powerful!

Take a moment to look back on your journey and follow the trail up to today. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at all the progress you’ve made. If you want, let us know what you saw in the comments below.

Cheers to your success and INJOY the business journey,